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WINNER of the First Annual Vintage Sleaze "LEAD IN HIS PENCIL" Award Jefferson Machamer!!!

A funny and talented man, Jefferson Machamer was that rare comic artist who was not only a fine gag, gam and garter artist...he was successful out of the basement! THIS close to be recognized as a REAL artist, he was also a joke writer in Hollywood WAY back, and he authored the strips "Petting Patty" and "Hollywood Husband" during his illustrious illustration career. He also worked as a writer on the films "Cute Crime" "Fun's Fun" "Gags and Gals" and believe it or not "Koo Koo Korrespondance Skool" in which he played himself...thus satisfying the rigorous award criteria "clever use of alliteration." Born 1901 in NYC, he ended up in Hollywood where he passed away in 1960, so the work here should be counted among his last. His most important contribution, other than the slightly perturbed dames like these he "tossed off" (but always took time to pattern their dresses) is his book "Drawing The Female Figure" which shows his generous side...he made it easy for thousands of young pervs to practice the fine art of pulchritudinous penning. A master, and for his persistence in drawing hot babes despite success in other endeavors, even to the end of the last ink bottle...the first winner of the annual Vintage Sleaze LEAD IN HIS PENCIL Award! Bonus points for his marriage to a hot Hollywood actress who starred in 25 Hollywood B flicks.